On the right track

Criminal behaviour is no longer limited to the industrial part of a company. In recent years, crime rates have grown significantly in the commercial sector as well. In almost every company there is the possibility to divert funds by means of manipulation and to conceal their whereabouts with a few clever accounting manoeuvres. Offences in this field are often only discovered after major – sometimes even existence-threatening damage has incurred. Our team of chartered accountants, tax consultants, and barristers will assist you in uncovering irregularities and offences as well as in the prevention of further criminal acts.

Our services

      • Advice from chartered accountants and criminalists
      • Preparation of a security concept
      • Investigation into irregularities and criminal offenses by proven investigative teams consisting of chartered accountants, barristers and criminalists
      • Conservation of forensic evidence
      • Securing of funds the perpetrators have to pay to cover the damages