Project Description

Together with its cooperation partner ServiCon, Comsec has developed SiMiS, Outpost24 and R+V, a concept for the analysis and detection of security vulnerabilities including the financial protection from property loss.


Companies are increasingly developing into ever more complex systems and require continuous process optimization. The focus on the risk for potential security gaps in corporate operations is increasingly pushed into the background. On top of that new security risks are discovered every day in popular software, operating systems and network components. Criminal hackers increasingly use those gaps for their attacks. With the increasing dependence on information technology, the consequences are serious. The victims suffer damages from business interruption, loss of image, the exploitation of confidential information and the illegal outflow of business property.
Organizations are compelled to ensure the protection of their operations without interruption. Only by using proactive security measures for continuous vulnerability diagnosis, it is possible to detect and lower the potential risk effectively. To avoid being exposed to real (online) attacks, a proactive approach is not only recommended in the IT area.
Therefore ServiCon has put together a portfolio of solutions that holds offers that may increase the level of protection depending on the security needs of the group.
Four areas are covered with this “systematic security” concept, which impact the success of a company significantly.

These are:

  • Analysis and assessment of vulnerabilities and, if necessary, professional crisis management
  • Detection of security vulnerabilities in IT systems
  • Support and training in the fields of information security (ISO 27001) and data protection
  • Financial protection from asset losses.

The services of ComSec under the cooperation

In the event of crisis we support you in defending against and detecting any white-collar crime at the expense of your company with demand-driven, interdisciplinary teams of detectives, former prosecutors, intelligence officers as well as chartered accountants, barristers, tax advisors and IT specialists.

We pursue the victim’s rights, investigate facts, convict suspects, conserving forensic evidence and focus primarily on the restitution of damage caused.

The identification of risks, analysis of vulnerabilities and the investigation of accounting and balance sheet manipulation are part of our scope of duties as well as all questions regarding crisis management.

Our experienced consultants assist you even in prevention and the implementation of security concepts. Take advantage of our longstanding experience and our expertise and consider our services a reassuring perspective for your corporate security.