A new dimension in the fight against crime

FullSizeRenderIn the era of globalization of markets and the World Wide Web, there are no more borders that crime can’t cross.

Commercial fraudsters use international connections to conceal their criminal offences and to hide assets from their victim’s access.

To powerfully meet the ever increasing challenges in the fight against international crime, after many years of cooperation Comsec and Interfor Inc. have established a joint venture with headquarters in New York.

For many years, Interfor Inc. has been managed by former Mossad agent and bestselling author Juval Aviv, who was able to solve a number of spectacular white collar crime cases and secure millions of dollars for the creditors.

The team of Interfor Inc. include lawyers and former employees of the CIA, FBI and DEA, which guarantee the highest quality standards in case handling. Interfor Inc. is highly regarded worldwide and has received numerous awards.

With Interfor Inc., Comsec is able to draw on a strong partner and its network in America and Asia in handling international cases of white collar crimes for clients in industry, trade, banking and insurance.
With Comsec, Interfor Inc. has now finally found the long-sought specialist for economic investigations in Western Europe, which has a highly qualified team of former executives of the criminal investigation department, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, and the MAD with more than 20 years of experience in the successful fight against white collar crime.