We are wherever you need us

A worldwide area of operation also calls for a global presence. With the help of our partners we can offer you professional preparation and execution of investigations abroad.

For international projects, a local, German-speaking assistant serves as an intermediary between the local administration and COMSEC. The local assistant is aware of the local conditions and is well connected. This enables the staff from our headquarters to start their investigations immediately upon arrival abroad and to perform them precisely and efficiently.

In addition to our offices in Germany and Switzerland we also have partners in Amsterdam, Netherlands…

Worldwide Presence

      • Barcelona, Spain
      • Boston, United States
      • Brussels, Belgium
      • Budapest, Hungary
      • Buenos Aires, Argentina
      • Caracas, Venezuela
      • Frankfurt, Germany
      • Hong Kong, China
      • Kiev, Ukraine
      • Copenhagen, Denmark
      • London, England
      • Los Angeles, United States
      • Madrid, Spain
      • Milan, Italy
      • Mexico City, Mexico
      • Miami, United States
      • Moscow, Russia


      • New York, United States
      • Oslo, Norway
      • Paris, France
      • Beijing, China
      • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
      • Rome, Italy
      • San Diego, United States
      • Santiago, Chile
      • Shanghai, China
      • St. Petersburg, Russia
      • Stockholm, Sweden
      • Tel Aviv, Israel
      • Tokyo, Japan
      • Toronto, Canada
      • Warsaw, Poland
      • Washington D.C., USA
      • Zurich, Switzerland